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An Introduction to Window Films! The Pro's and Con's...

Over the last few years, Window film has become more and more popular in the UK, quickly establishing itself as a perfect partner to, or a great alternative to more traditional solutions such as curtains and blinds! With this in mind, we've come up with a great way for you to decide if window films are for you...
Our pro's and con's list!

The main ADVANTAGES of having window film installed in your home, work place or car:

Privacy: A well selected and fitted daytime privacy window film (ARC Dual reflective 50%, for example) can provide you with a high level of privacy during the day, whilst also giving you the freedom to enjoy natural light! No curtains or blinds needed!

Cooler summers: Having a window film installed in your workplace, home or car can help to keep your the place a lot cooler! Additionally, large pieces of furniture or electronics in your home or workplace do not get as warm during the day or suffer from the glare of the sun, which can help keep your home or workplace more comfortable!

window-film More time in the conservatory to lounge around? Yes please!

Longer-lasting furniture and floors: UV Window Films (such as ARC UVHP) filters out over 99% of UV rays – the main cause of fading. However, even greater fade protection can be enjoyed by using a spectrally selective film (such as ARC SS71). These films also reject up to 50% of heat – the second largest cause of fading.

floor_faded_rug An example of what could be avoided with film

Lower energy bills: Window films provide an extra layer of protection for your glazing, and in the process help to lower your energy costs from day one! Keeping the heat out in the summer, and your heat in in the winter!

Drafty Rented Homes Red parts of image denote heat let out through a home without film on the windows!

"Always on" Technology: With curtains and blinds, you'll always need someone to get up and open or close them, which can be a real pain when you're comfortable on the couch. However, Window film is always on, no need for human intervention to keep your privacy. This can also be a slight disadvantage, as sometimes a person may not want the film to be active, but it always is.

The main DISADVANTAGES of having window film installed in your home, work place:

Daytime Privacy: While certain window films provide great daytime privacy,  people may be able to see into your home or workplace at night if you have lights on in a room. This usually isn't an issue for work places though, as there isn't usually anybody there at night!
A man in an office at night

You'll wish you'd got it sooner: You will, honestly.

So that's it! A brief summary of the pro's and con's of window film! If you have any other questions please email us on: info@arcwf.com or call us at: 0333 800 2400 (UK) 
And we can tell you a whole lot more!

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