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Frosted Window Film & its' uses!

frost-replace Left: Window with Frosted Film Right: Plain clear window

Frosted Window Films are available in various shades and light transmissions. They provide a frosted effect to glass, giving privacy whilst also allowing light to enter!

Frosted windows are a staple in modern society, performing tasks from privacy in bathrooms and frosting of balustrades to provide modesty to those using stairs, to updating and providing a sleek, modern finish to office blocks and meeting rooms.

Frosted window film can be used in place of frosted glass in all of these situations, saving money on expensive glass replacement costs, as well as saving time, because putting frosted window film onto already existing clear glass, is a lot quicker than ordering and installing new frosted glass panes. Furthermore, frosted film can be used to make a window partially frosted too, allowing for viewing in some parts of the window, and privacy in others!

You're probably thinking, what if I don't want white windows? What if I want to add some colour to my office/home? No problem! We supply our frosted window film in various colours, to suit every need! Take a look!

A photo by Steve Halama. unsplash.com/photos/NPKk_3ZK2DYimg_1123







Whatever your requirement, we will be able to help! Privacy, decoration, or a mixture of the two, take a look at our website: www,allwindowfilms.com and see what we've got!

Buy by the metre, or a full roll!

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