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Introduction to... Dual Reflective 5% Film! [DRE05]

This week we'll be taking a look at arguably our most popular film range, Dual Reflective 5%, and going through the benefits of having it in your home or workplace.

First, picture this...
It's the middle of summer, you're enjoying a lovely weekend off. You're sitting in your conservatory, trying to admire the view in your garden despite the glare, when suddenly you realise you've gotten really, really warm! Unbearably so! so much so in fact that you can't sit in your conservatory any longer, and you have to leave!
This is what a conservatory with no window film is like.

Now imagine the same conservatory, but lovely and cool. There's a slight blue tint to the roof, and the windows, giving everything a nice summery feel, along with the added bonus of no glare and no overbearing heat. Admiring your wonderful view just became 100% easier!
This is what a conservatory with Silver 20 window film is like, the difference really is that noticeable. Add to this the extra privacy you'll get with the film, and you've got the perfect conservatory!

1 conservatory_film_1_1

You could be having this same issue in your workplace too, and studies have shown that a cooler office is a more productive office, for example in this study from 2006: "Results show that (in office) performance increases with temperature up to 21-22 oC, and decreases with temperature above 23-24 oC. The highest productivity is at temperature of around 22 oC. For example, at the temperature of 30 oC the performance is only 91.1% of the maximum i.e. the reduction in performance is 8.9%" (Seppänen, Fisk, Lei, et. al, 2006)
Dual Reflective 5% can make temperature control in your office easier, and in turn make your workplace more effective overall!

20160510_125024 20160510_125052(0)

Next we'll go through the specifications...
What you're looking for is simple, easy to understand specs that can help you make a decision on whether window film is right for you, so, as best we can, we've simplified it for you.

Benefits DRE05 A simple star system of Key Benefits

Our simple chart makes it so much easier for you to see exactly what our products can offer, and even if you're still unsure, our stellar customer service team is always happy to help with your queries, so you need never get it wrong!

So, what're you waiting for? Go take a look and see if we can help you make your work or home environment better!


Ref: https://indoor.lbl.gov/sites/all/files/lbnl-60946.pdf

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