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Keeping Warm The Eco Way!

It’s the month of January and that can of course only mean one thing when it comes to the weather. Taking a look outside your window you will see that the sky has a certain grey and dull quality about it and of course if you do decide to brave the outside world then you will also see that it is a bit on the cold side.

In fact, who are we kidding, the past few weeks have been absolutely freezing!

When the weather is cold outside you may find that you are tempted to crank up the thermostat and wait it out in the warm confines of your home and whilst this is a fantastic way to keep warm, you might find that ecologically you are not having much benefit on your pocket and of course the planet too.

At Arc Window Films we are dedicated to providing you with cost effective options when it comes to insulating your home; our films are designed to keep heat within the home meaning that you won’t have to face a gigantic energy bill come the end of the winter.
As well as this great idea we also have a few other tricks up our sleeves that give you ideas for eco warming tips that are not only easy to put in place but also ensure that you are toasty warm throughout the big freeze!

Buy a draught excluder
Seems like a simple idea? You would be surprised by the amount of difference these basic home accessories can make to the temperature in your home just by simply blocking that bracing breeze.

Dress for the occasion
By adding an extra layer to your clothes you will certainly feel a bit warmer. You could even take this one step further and opt for those ultimate in fashion wear, the onesie or even go the whole hog and purchase a slanket for when you are cuddled up on the sofa.

Embrace the winter sun
By opening up the curtains and blinds on those rare sunny days you will allow for the natural heat from the sun to beam into your home and really warm it up!

Winter warmers
By having a nice warming drink your body temperature will be raised and therefore make you feel much warmer. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate or even mulled wine; whatever is your preference make sure that you click on the kettle.

Rugged insulation
Whilst wooden floors look amazing they can sometimes be a little on the cold side. By adding a rug to the floor you are not only creating a bit of texture and colour but you will also feel the warming benefits of this small addition!

So there you have it, some top tips to help you beat the cold during those winter weeks and if all else fails you could always grab the fleece blanket, a hot water bottle and a cup of hot chocolate before you snuggle up, hidden away from the weather outside. Let’s just hope that you don’t forget the milk and marshmallows otherwise you might be heading outside!

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